Strategic and Business Consulting

Many organizations fail – or at least struggle – at strategy execution, an area where various sources have reported implementation failure rates between 60 and 90 percent. It is not an easy journey to undertake.


"Less than 10% of strategies effectively formulated are effectively executed” – Fortune magazine

“Of the 794 implementation programs reviewed in FY 2005, only 15% were rated as effective” – Barons Magazine

“A study of 354 CEOs found that Executing the Strategy was their Number 1 concern” – Monitor

“Organizations with a formal strategy execution process outperform those without by 70 to 30%” – BScol

Your COMPASS will navigate with you through the waves of the Strategic Planning journey which will bring about necessary alignment to different parts of your organization. We will not leave you there – unless you wish so. We will continue to work together to translate your strategy into tangible operational objectives, profile them further into coherent operation plans, and build the internal operational core competence that can deliver to your promises.

By utilizing the latest Strategic Management and Operational Planning tools and techniques, our field experience, and your people talents; we will bring about clarity, practicality, and effectiveness to your Strategic Planning and Execution journey.

Strategic and Business Consulting